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Who are we?

Who are we?

AMSCAAF(1) is a concept, a community, which aims to facilitate and develop business relationships between companies in the "Amscaaf Zone" among themselves and with suppliers and customers from the rest of the world.

The "AMSCAAF Zone" =Amazonia - South America - Central America - Mexico - Caribbean - Africa

"AMSCAAF" is also the name of the company that creates, develops and manages tools and services for community members and their customers or suppliers around the world.

We put at the disposal of these companies, resources for their promotion and their South/South and South/North relations.

Our head office is based in French Guiana, located between Suriname and Brazil.

 Ramon KLEBERT, the founder of Amscaaf, is himself a native of French Guyana.

Around him, a multicultural team, competent, dynamic, and strong international partners.

Our choice to locate our base in Cayenne - French Guiana - is strategic for the greatest benefit of our members and customers -

 This allows us to develop, more easily and to their benefit, our networks, on both parts of the globe, both in South America and the Caribbean, in France and in the rest of Europe (French Guyana is administratively integrated into the European Union), in Africa. They are growing everywhere else (USA, Canada, Asia...).

Our sites : b2b business community : Marketplace btob :Webmarketing :Machines for local development

www.amscaaf-partners: Making money by supporting a noble cause

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AMSCAAF BP 51218 - 06 bis ZA GALMOT - Gayenne- Cedex - GUYANE FRANCAISE

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