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Communauté des populations et des entreprises de la

Who are we?


My name is Ramon KLEBERT, native from French Guiana,a French and European territory, between Suriname and Brazil

I am the  AMSCAAF’s Founder

 A concept, a business community, a company that  aims to facilitate relations between companies in the "AMSCAAF ZONE" (1) with their counterparts

In the zone

And in the rest of the world

(1) "AMSCAAF ZONE "=  Amazonia - South America - Central America - Mexico - Caribbean - Africa

AMSCAAF TRADE is our marketplace (new version) which allows registered companies to offer their products or services:

  • to other companies in the area
  • to companies in France 
  • to companies in the rest of Europe
  • to companies in the rest of the world

Indeed, our company - AMSCAAF Sarl - is based in French Guiana

We are therefore integrated into the European Union

This makes it easier for us to promote our platform and our members's companies.

  • as well as in the countries of the south
  • that in France, in other European countries, in the rest of the world.

AMSCAAF facilitates South/South and South/North relations.  

Image amscaaf globe 1