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    The European RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) law requires compliance with certain procedures before the use of personal data by European companies but also by their global partners to launch your local or international targeted emailing cam

  • Amscaaf Trade - Marketplace B2B

    We connect the companies of the "AMSCAAF Zone" (1), between them and with their customers or suppliers in the rest of the world. (1) AMSCAAF = Amazon-South America-Central America + Mexico-Caribbean-Africa AMSCAAF is a concept, a commun

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  • Leads Studios

    Our digital lead generation marketing services (Inbound marketing) A multitude of tools and services to diversify your marketing actions, generate visitors, leads (interested prospects), and make them your new customers Visit leads then

  • AMSCAAF Partners

    How to earn money while acting for a noble cause? Become a member of the Amscaaf "-AMSCAAF Partners" network -Complete your application for membership in the network that helps to facilitate South/South and South/North relations